Malema and the Trust Fund

We’v seen the newspapers, heard the media statements, now make way for the movie!

image thumb Malema and the Trust Fund

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7 Responses to “Malema and the Trust Fund”

  1. it is really sad that you people make such jokes about him, that trust account is for the funding of our poor kids in the townships and rural area. He is looking after our people, getting donations from business men who want to see change, not going back to the aparteheid.

  2. @Robert – nice idea Robo. Trusts are setup with founders, trustees and beneficiaries. Beneficiaries are the people designated to benefit from proceeds of the trust. Malema is the only beneficiary of the trust. If it was for the poor then why are the poor, or some charity the stated beneficiaries? Simple one.

  3. I think Robert was being sarcastic Bdog

  4. Says it all really:

    Trouble is, this Kiddie Amin really believes he is the saviour of the down trodden. You cannot argue with madness like this. The man is a racist loony tunes basket case.

  5. it’s very sad to note that some people are ignorant enough to think he is the messiah for the down trodden…may the lord have mercy. it takes a man to realise that malema is no for the poor but is up to enrich himself.

  6. Of course he is the Messiah of the down trodden, if it weren’t for all his empty promises then other organisations wouldn’t have stepped in and bought the shoes / wheelchairs / donated bucks to schools etc. Just think, when he’s president of the United States of Africa the greatness he’ll achieve. Everyone will be eating sushi and partying it up for mahalla. Tomorrow’s problem is yesterday’s profit, get with it people!

  7. Julius malema miss used hes possition and is no role model to the youth of south africa